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Welcome to the official blog of Vezpuchi. As the official blog of Vezpuchi, here we might talk about Vezpuchi app-related news, home-swapping/exchanging related information, travel topics, travel suggestions, New York-related topics and suggestions (for visitors and locals), travel related things that may or may not be New York specific, and... maybe some other stuff. We hope you enjoy!

stephon wiht shark tank hashtag cutout

We pitched the Vezpuchi short term home trade platform to Shark Tank

This was a busy week in the land of home-sharing. Marriott announced that it is jumping into the <a...

vezpuchi where do you want to go plane flying andes mountain range

Announcing: Where do you want to go next?

<h2>Set an alert to get short-term trades for your travel plans.</h2> Exciting news! “Where do yo...

lago espejo chico argentina

Escape to San Carlos de Bariloche in February

February in New York is usually cold and snowy. February in Argentina is warm and sunny. If you wo...

Brooklyn waterfront and skyline

A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day Seven

It’s the last day! A lot of ground has been covered on this trip so far. I hope by now you are con...

Patrons enjoying drinks at The Ides Rooftop & Blue Roof

A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day Six

Today it’s time to head to the most infamous neighborhood in Brooklyn. It is time to go to Williams...

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