A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day Five

By Stephon
Jan. 18, 2019 | Updated Jan. 23, 2019

Fulton Grand sidewalk seating

Patrons enjoying drinks along the sidewalk seating area at Fulton Grand.

Day five is a good time to check out Red Hook. Since the neighborhood isn’t served directly by a subway line, start the day with a bike ride over to the neighborhood. There you can stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy the architecture of this former 19th century industrial neighborhood turned residential area.

Friday - Day Five: Red Hook, Industry City, Sunset Park, and Clinton Hill

Red Hook is known for seafood restaurants. We recommend a lobster roll for early lunch at the Red Hook Lobster Pound if you are visiting Brooklyn in the spring through fall months. If it’s offseason, head over to Buttermilk Channel for a late breakfast or early lunch (celebrities such as Beyoncé are known to occasionally drop in here for a meal). From Red Hook, head down to Industry City located in the Sunset Park neighborhood. Industry City is fast becoming a Brooklyn hotspot. There are various things to do there, from eating to shopping to sporting activities. Right now the most buzzed about attraction at IC is Japan Village. Assuming you have visited Eataly in Manhattan's Flatiron District, Japan Village is a Japanese cuisine focused marketplace based on the Eataly concept. Later in the evening, head to Fulton Street in Clinton Hill for dinner and drinks. For dinner, enjoy the pizza at the original Emily’s location, Pizza Loves Emily. Emily’s began a shakeup of the New York pizza scene about half a decade ago at this Fulton Street location. Since then, Emily and her husband have opened up four additional locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Each location focuses on lesser known styles of American pizza that are popular in specific regions of the U.S. Emmy Squared in Williamsburg focuses on Detroit style, Violet in the East Village focuses on Rhode Island style. If pizza isn't your thing, the burger on the menu here also gets very good reviews. After Emily’s, take a stroll east on Fulton Street to Fulton Grand for drinks. Fulton Grand is a popular watering hole for this part of Brooklyn. Some might describe it as a dive bar, but it's a place that attracts a broad cross section of personality types. You'll witness everything from regulars deep in philosophical discussion, to coworkers grabbing after work drinks, to Tinder dates, to parents with strollers enjoying a quick beer on a warm day. It's not too up, not too down, not too left, not too right. It feels like a place where anybody can get a beer and not feel out of place. During the warmer weather, the bar has a very active outdoor seating area where visitors and locals can mingle until the early morning hours over beers and cocktails. If you are still up for more fun after Fulton Grand, head just around the corner on Putnam Avenue for a slightly more polished - and super intimate - atmosphere at Hartley's. Hartley's could be described as a nouveau Irish pub. However you want to describe it, I think many would agree that it feels very 21st century Brooklyn. It is also the perfect place from which to call it a night. Read: A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day One A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day Two A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day Three A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day Four A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day Six A visit to Brooklyn deserves more than a day trip - Day Seven

Stephon Owens is the Founder and CEO of Vezpuchi.

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