We pitched the Vezpuchi short term home trade platform to Shark Tank

By Stephon
May 3, 2019

stephon wiht shark tank hashtag cutout

Stephon posing with a cutout of the Shark Tank hashtag after pitching to producers from the show.

This was a busy week in the land of home-sharing. Marriott announced that it is jumping into the short-term rental game, in order to compete with Airbnb. Airbnb itself announced that it is offering luxury suites in one of the towers in Rockefeller Plaza. And, most importantly, Vezpuchi took its quest to the hit ABC Show Shark Tank!

What?! Vezpuchi is going to be on Shark Tank???

Well, maybe. I pitched our vision for updating travel and the home-sharing experience during an audition with Shark Tank producers this week at the Gentlemen's Factory space in Brooklyn Commons. I told them about how we want to bring home exchange into the 21st century, with our short-term home trade platform for travel. I told them about how our community would save thousands of dollars on travel and have the vacation experiences of a lifetime.

When will Vezpuchi be on Shark Tank telling the world about its short-term home trading platform?

Not so fast. This was only the first audition, and many other great companies are vying for a spot on the show. If the audition is successful then I will pitch our travel revolution to the sharks on Season 11 of Shark Tank, which begins airing this Fall on the ABC network.

Parting thoughts

No matter what may come of this Shark Tank opportunity, I was extremely encouraged by an exchange that I had with a producer. After pitching Vezpuchi to her she responded that she'd just been talking to someone about how great it would be to have a home trade service for travel. She wanted something to allow her to trade her home in L.A. for one in NYC. It is always validating to hear people express a need for a solution to the problem we are solving. When I decided to start Vezpuchi, it was nothing more than a crazy idea that I thought could actually work. And here we are, still being guided by the belief that our short-term home trade platform is the right idea for travel at this moment in time. Stephon

Stephon Owens is the Founder and CEO of Vezpuchi.

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